Speak, Fight, and Win:  Catch Disney’s Newsies– The Broadway Musical is Coming to Cinemas Near You!


Have you felt that your voice is not so important that no one actually listens to you?

In this technological-driven world where people are preoccupied with the Internet, work, academic pressure, or daily obligations, making your voice be heard seems so challenging, or even difficult. Can someone listen to any claim of injustice? Can someone be brave enough to stand up and fight for their rights?

Even though the there is an existence of socio-political differences today, fighting for what you deserve is indeed possible!

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Copyright: Disney


Take the Newsboys’ Strike of 1899 as a particular example, the Newsies or the children who sold newspapers on the streets, fought for a fair price for newspapers. They challenged two newspaper titans, Joseph Pulitzer of The World and William Randolph Hearst of The Journal to treat them as legitimate members of the newspaper business because these publishers refused to lower the price-per-paper that the newsies had to pay back.

Did they reach a compromise?

Revisit the history and find out how this story unfolds!

Disney's Newsies_The Broadway Musical_Jeremy Jordan_Photo by Disney Theatrical Productions.jpeg

Based on the book Children of the City by David Nasaw, follow the story of Jack Kelly played by Jeremy Jordan (Supergirl, The Last Five Years) as he dreams of a better life far from all the hardships that they experience as Newsies.

Be enthralled in an explosion of song and dance set!

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Original Company, North American Tour of Disney’s NEWSIES. Copyright: Disney Photo by: Deen van Meer

Seize the day! NEWSIES The Broadway Musical is coming to cinemas this Sunday, February 19!


Click this link and book your tickets now: http://www.newsiesthemusical.com/


Geek Mode On in Palo Alto

Are you planning to go to Los Angeles from San Francisco by car? Before you start your road trip, it’s nice to take some hours in Palo Alto. If you’re tech-savvy and indeed a fan of these technological and social media giants, then you wouldn’t be bored in visiting their offices and other landmarks.
DSC_0733 copy
The company has its new home in Menlo Park, approximately 10 minute drive from Palo Alto. Building no. 15 is allotted for their visitors. Aside from free lollipops and chocolates at the reception, there’s nothing much in the headquarters. The staff said that Facebook is a private company and visitors are only allowed to take pictures in front of the “Like” icon.It makes me think that in contrast to the company’s “privacy”, we as Facebook users post a lot of personal information in their site. I hope that they can have a store or just a small museum just to show how they treasure the users’ trust and loyalty.
Hewlett Packard Garage
Who wouldn’t recognize this historical place? It is most widely known as “the birthplace of Silicon Valley.” Although, you might not even notice it, once you drive along the street (see second picture). This place reminds us about the humble beginnings of Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett. By looking at this garage, extravagant and big office space is not a MUST to become successful, right?
Apple’s headquarter is located at Infinite Loop. They have various employees from all around the globe. That’s why, it can be considered as a multi-cultural workplace.  For visitors, the Apple Store is in the first building. There, they sell not only Apple products but also other merchandise. Unfortunately, it’s under renovation when I were there.
Stanford University
If you are tired, and you just want to unwind, you may stop in Stanford University. In Germany, we have a wifi connection called “eduroam.” I thought that I can just use this connection if I’m in any other German universities, but I was really surprised when I can use this connection in Stanford. Cool!
Enjoy the View
Yes, the trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles might be exhausting, but why complain if you can enjoy the view?
DSC_0858 copy
However, it is currently under construction that’s why it is temporary close as of September 2015.