What you Missed in 3 Tage Marburg!

I have been living in Marburg for about three years, and it’s only now that I have realized that this city is such a hidden gem!


Situated in Hessen, the city is approximately one hour away from Frankfurt. The place may be associated with the Grimm brothers, who popularized various fairytales such as Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, and Snow White. Even before they were famous for these tales, they were just ordinary students who took law in Marburg. The city is also famous because of its linkage to Protestant Reformation.

Besides its rich history and cultural traditions, I think the city has a lot more to offer today. One great way to know more about it is through attending one of its most festive celebrations which is “3 Tage Marburg” (3 Days Marburg).


This event was held from July 7 to 9. 3 Tage Marburg can be seen as a good opportunity for different people living within and outside the city to take a break out of their own daily work or academic routine and enjoy summer through a diverse range of activities which were spread all throughout the city center.



Normally, shops are closed in Germany every Sunday. Though this time, almost all business establishments in Marburg were opened for that event and most of them offered huge discounts to all their products and services. There were also raffle draws which aimed to give away interesting prizes like vouchers, free tickets, and the grandest is a new car.

After shopping, eating and drinking might be the best option to beat the summer heat.  There were a lot of food/ drink stalls which offered cold cocktails, beer, wine, soda, warm sausages, fries, and other finger food.


My main favorite was the Hungarian food specialty named Langos, which is made of flatbread and one can choose from different toppings like cheese, salami, and ham which can be paired with any sauce of one’s choice. The price starts at 4 Euros, and 50 cents or 1 Euro will be added based on the topping.

2017-07-09 12.06.27

The best company for me who went out of their way for good advertising and  public relation is dm. I really loved how they used their trucks to strengthen their products and services. I was greeted by friendly, accommodating, and courteous staff from their dm-Foto-Truck. They explained their products/services and gave me complimentary pictures, personalized shower gel, and other stickers. Aside from the freebies and marketing/advertising collaterals, I think the dm staff did a pretty good job in patiently explaining to us customers why the product is important to our personal lifestyle. Their customer service was superb on that event! That effective communication made the brand even stronger for me.


DSC_0079 copy.JPG

I just observed that people tend to do more outdoor activities, especially in summer. In 3 Tage Marburg,  sports competitions like Dragon boat and boxing were also part of the program. Since I am from a country which is definitely in love with boxing, I had a really great time watching the match live. The anticipation, punches, and hits were definitely intense!



I am taking Hip Hop classes this semester and  I was lucky to see some of my instructors performed with their other students. I just noticed that dancing is not just about the skill or technique, but it is also definitely how one enjoy his or her performance. I was really happy and surprised to see that even little kids did breakdance really well!



A festival wouldn’t be complete without music.  Different local and international performers were invited to showcase their singing and musical prowess. The stage located in the Marktplatz really added a whole new vibe/ ambiance as the festival-goers sat, drank or ate.


However, I really loved the performances in Steinweg because of the intimate ambiance, and the music genre as well. The soul and passion of each musician were really felt.


DSC_0233 copy

When I knew that there will be a Karaoke  Show in the program, I made sure to go there. Little did I know that I will be a part of the show. I was spontaneously asked to go on stage, and  I just tried to have fun and entertain people. I knew that my performance was “super far from perfect,”  but just to see the audience smiling and clapping with me was really priceless. I also learned a lot from all the people who joined the contest.


I think that 3 Tage Marburg has initiated a certain atmosphere where openness, respect, and creativity exist. Different people from various locations, ethnicities, and even cultural backgrounds can gather together, have fun, and celebrate and I believe that this is the special charm that people will always find in Marburg.


Craftival: A Craft Beer Festival

Germany has been known as the land of overflowing beer.

There are a lot of famous events as well as products that have been popular worldwide- there’s the world-renowned Oktoberfest, ubiquitous biergartens or giant beer mugs- that anyone would somehow closely associate with the German culture. Here, you can find different types of beer and most especially they are sold in an affordable price. Now,who can even resist drinking beer in this country?

Last August 8, Craftival was opened as the first craft beer festival in Freiburg. Beer companies came from Freiburg, Schwanau, Mahlberg, Strasbourg, Basel, and Tettnang just to offer and let the public try their products. It is the most interesting beer festival that I’ve attended so far. All just needed to pay 2 Euros for the entrance fee and the staff also charged 4 Euros for the Craftival Bier Menu.

 They gave a checklist that allowed people to know more about the companies which were participating on the said event.

2015-08-28 15.17.09

Ready. Set. Go! DRINK!!!!

Since it was very hot that day, the weather set the atmosphere for people to sit on the bench and talk to each other. There was also a great musician who performed and set the relaxing ambiance.2015-08-28 15.19.222015-08-28 15.16.17

As one walked from one booth to another, everyone can find some interesting products to buy.

2015-08-28 15.14.16

Bîrtel and other booths also offer free finger food. 

2015-08-28 15.18.12

Most of the booths asked drinkers about the flavors that they prefer. They offered wide variety of choices.

Look at what they can do with the beer bottles! For all the drunks out there, please do something creative out of the bottles that you’ve finished instead of breaking them and leaving them scattered along the streets.

2015-08-28 15.15.16

There was a booth which offered some products like lamp, containers etc. out of beer bottles.

Aside from drinking, there were also other delectable meals that everyone can buy.

2015-08-28 15.23.32

Streat Kitchen’s Cheeseburger. You will never say no in every bite.

2015-08-28 15.20.39

Grilled Ribs! This was served with french fries.

The most unique drink that I discovered here is the beer cocktail. They put some herbs and stones (yes stones!) in your drink.  I thought that stones are just used for filtering  but they put stones as an alternative for ice. They helped the cocktail stay cool for some minutes.

2015-08-28 15.22.48

This one was a little sweeter.

2015-08-28 15.21.33

This flavor was a little bit strong for me.

The event was quite cool because you can get the chance to try a lot of drinks as well as you can also meet different people from various parts of the globe.  Definitely, there should be another Craftival next year!