Dramarasmus: Transit

I’ve just watched my first ever play in German language.

Transit is a one and a half hour play presented by Dramarasmus, which is a theater project for international and local students. It is interesting to see different actors from all around the globe share their passion on one stage, speak their own language, and also, act in German. I definitely understand that it is really hard to erase the accent and I commend most of the actors for speaking clearly. Since I think most of them are not native speakers, it helps that most of the time they speak slowly. As an effect, a non-native audience like me  can really follow and somehow grasp the story.  I also love that there are some movements in between. This serves as a good transition from one play to the other. The last part is really powerful when the actors spoke German and their own native language alternately.

However, here are some points for improvement:


When it comes to acting, I personally look for the “truth.” This means that every movement that an actor does on stage should be justified and through characterization, it would be easy for an actor to differentiate the roles that he or she plays. Voice can also be used as a tool to further deepen the character so it is really a must to project one’s voice well.

If a wife removes her wedding ring in front of her husband, will she feel pain or relief? Does she feel regret or freedom?

If someone points a gun at you, what will be your expression? Will you be brave to face death or afraid that you just want to run away?

If you are a mother and wife who has some issues with your husband and there’s a chance to talk to him again, what will you feel? Do you still love him or you just want to lie?

When I watch a play, I always want to connect to the story through the actors’ acting. I want to forget that I am not in the theater, but I am with the character on his or her journey.

I think Jonas Lunte, Aleksandar Zekic, and Ana Brinzila really did a great performance.


I think, it would be great to play a background sound or music to establish the location of the scene while it is still dark and the actors are still preparing.  This will also help the audience to better understand the scene.

I really love theater and this experience really brings a lot of memories to me. Congratulations to the whole team in Dramarasmus and maybe next time practice the curtain call 🙂 You deserve all the applause for all your hard work 🙂

If you are all in Marburg, Transit will still have shows in Wagonhalle on February 1 and 2 at 8 pm.



Beef Nilaga

Yes, it is really cold outside. The common saying that it’s better late than never might be definitely right considering the snowfall this winter season.  I think you would agree with me that one way to fight cold and the feeling of depression is to have a good warm soup. This recipe  is just perfect for this season!

Beef Nilaga

2016-01-21 18.02.33.png

1/2 kg        Beef (ideal with bones)

2  pieces   onions

1 clove       garlic

2 pieces    corn (cut into three)

3 cubes      beef broth

5 pieces     potatoes

1/2              China Kohl/ Cabbage

2016-01-21 18.01.08.png

Boil the beef with onions and garlic for 2 hours using medium heat, if you don’t have a pressure cooker. I always prefer to make the meat softer and easier to chew. Put the corn, potatoes, and beef broth and wait for 10 minutes before adding the China Kohl or Cabbage.

Serve hot.

Hong Kong

If you want to shop like you’re in Thailand, visit Mickey and the rest of the gang in Disneyland or just enjoy mouthwatering dishes, then Hong Kong should be definitely your next adventure.

It’s ideal to be in Hong Kong around December to February since you will really enjoy the cold weather especially if you’re living in a tropical country here in Southeast Asia. Last January 2013, I got the chance to visit this lovely city.
There are numerous airlines that offer affordable flights to Hong Kong.
For the transportation within the city, I never took a cab since they have a good  train system as well as there are also buses from the airport to the city. Just make sure that you purchase an Octopus Card upon your arrival in the airport. You can use this card in their public transportation.

Do you want a cozy and affordable  place for accommodation?

Please do note that any accommodation in Hong Kong is really costly. Ms. Rainbow from OiSuen Guesthouse is really nice and friendly. She offered a lot of tips on how to reach various tourist destinations and how to deal with locals especially if you want to shop in the night markets. OiSuen Guesthouse rooms are quite affordable as well as they have indeed good service (room cleaning, assistance etc). Discounted tickets may also be purchased in the hostel. After a tiring day, it was nice to have a chat with Ms Rainbow about my experiences and she also shared some unforgettable  memories of  other tourists. Staying there is an enriching experience.
Here are some of the places that you shouldn’t miss:
Ocean Park

You can do a lot of things here, that’s for sure. You can go to there magnificent aquarium, visit other animal sanctuaries, try their park rides, play games, shop for souvenirs  or  watch shows. I really like here because your ticket is really worth it!



If you’re a child at heart then  you  really belong in this place.When I saw Mickey Mouse or just even the palace, the magic and  excitement  just came back to me. Indeed, Disneyland will bring you back to the time when you believe that fairies and happy ever after do exist.
Avenue of Stars/ Symphony of Lights
When I watched the Symphony of Lights, my first reaction was “how did they do that?” Synchronizing the lights of every building is quite tough but then they pulled it off. After the show, I  strolled  along the Avenue of Stars where you can discover Hong Kong’s film history and stars.
Big Buddha
When I went to the Big Buddha, I rode this Crystal Cable Car (If you are adventurous, then try this!) It has a glass flooring which let you see the scenery. For the Big Buddha, I felt  peace while we were there on the top. You can also visit the temples nearby if you want to commune with nature and reflect.
Night Markets (Ladies Market)
Just a tip, try to bargain  for the lowest price then if  they can’t give your demands then look for another stall which has the same product that you want. You can see a lot of merchandise along the streets and  a good way to get the most affordable price is to look around first then bargain 🙂
Food in Hong Kong
In a cold winter, all you need is a hot noodle soup 🙂
Once you are in Hong Kong, you can also take a short day trip to Macau. There you can see Saint Paul Ruins, Casinos and the heavenly, egg tarts.

Year of Yes

“She (Cristina Yang) has learned to not let go of the pieces of herself that she needs in order to be what someone else wants. She’s learned not to compromise. She’s learned not to settle. She’s learned, as difficult as it is, how to be her own sun” (Rhimes 56).


From the writer of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal and the producer of How to Get Away with Murder, Shonda Rhimes’ book  Year of Yes allows people from various races and nationalities to understand and confront their deepest personal issues and experiences.

Considering that all of her shows are successful, Rhimes narrates how she conquers her stage fright, inhibitions, and other fears.  I commend how honest and straightforward she is in this book. She shares with her readers her support system, previous problems, and some convictions (about marriage and motherhood) that other people might find different.

“I had no idea why I was unhappy, no specific moment or reason to point to. I just knew it was true…. I was shut down. I was tired. I was afraid. Small. Quiet” (26).

“Being a mother isn’t a job. It’s who someone is” (107).

“Losing yourself does not happen all at once. Losing yourself happens one no at a time….Losing yourself  happens one pound at a time”(141).

These challenges that she was facing back then, are the same challenges that each person can relate to. In effect, she introduces the premise of saying “yes” to all the opportunities that are coming on her way.

“If I’m going to say YES… I might as well say yes to being me…. I am going to say yes to everything that scares me” (70).

“This Yes is about giving yourself the permission to shift the focus of what is a priority from what’s good for you over to what makes you feel good” (123).

However, a person can never really say “yes” all the time. She emphasizes the right balance on having the courage to  say “yes” and the bravery to say “no”. I agree with her that there are some people or requests that we also need to refuse in our lives. No matter how difficult, it is just for our own “peace.”

“I can certainly feel the difference. I’m trying to take up as much space as I need to take up. To not make myself smaller in order to make someone else feel better. I’m allowing myself to shamelessly and comfortably be the loudest voice in the room” (200).

“Because it’s not merely about surrounding myself with people who treat me well. It’s also about surrounding myself with people whose self-worth, self-respect and values inspire me to elevate my own behavior” (258).

I bought this book, expecting that she would somehow give her strategy in writing her television series’ plot twist or surprising climax. Instead, she chooses to introduce herself and  through sharing her experiences on how she rose to be who she is today, this gives inspiration to all readers. Her writing style provides a lot of snippets or different stories then she weaves them perfectly and coherently. In the end, this gives the readers our own “aha!” or “now, it makes sense” moments.

“Happiness comes from being who you actually are instead of who you think you are supposed to be…. Don’t apologize. Don’t explain. Don’t ever feel less than” (286).